The dimension is 600*600*40 According to the consumers’requirements the surface can be laminated with granite, marble, various kinds of tiles, etc. it is a kind of panel especially designed for intelligent building, especially in characters of beauty, nature, durability and convenience for wiring, After installation, wires can be laid and maintained as long as lifting the panel lightly, which gives customers much convenience and enjoys high reputation.
 1.Antistatic, the system resistance of this ceramic tile access floor is stable Besides,
2. It has been monitored by national supervision unit, and each index can reaches or exceeds standards of GB-50174-93and QFT03-9 etc.
3.Anti-pollution: this kind of tiles reduce pores and bores of pores, besides, special coating is coated on the tiles which can prevent polluted sap into the tile, therefore, it solves a long-term problem that ceramic polishing tiles are easy to be polluted.
4. Non-radiation: the tile has passed tests by national construction material testing centre.
5.It is non-radioactive, safety, reliable and protects health. Therefore, its the perfect substitute for natural stones.
6.High performance of decoration: its colors are various
Wide range All manner of computer room, network service room monitor control center, electronic workshop, clean room, etc, and occasions which require on antistatic and air conditioning And 5 class office Security Union Plaza ,Futures Trading Building , and the place demand cabling and wiring .
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