Raised floor finishes Granite

GAMAFLOR raised access floor systems can be combined with granite finished from corporative meetings to luxury hotels, granite coverings are used in many areas of use. There is elegance and exclusiveness combined with a direct contact with the nature of a stone with durability ensured.
GAMAFLOR FULL STEEL GRANITE system is recommended as the most innovative raised access floor system with granite stone covering.
The perfect combination achieved in this system will give notoriety to your project. It is an innovative product that develops a unique technique in the world. It will allow you to enjoy a raised access floor system with a natural covering, original and with high durability for years. A granite raised access flooring system that generates trust given off by the POLYGROUP firm.
 GAMAFLOR FULL STEEL GRANITE has the highest heavy-load capacity thanks to its steel core injected with lightened cement. Its 600×600 mm tiles consist of a thermoforming steel bottom sheet with 64 concave holes electronically welded to a smooth top steel sheet and a strengthening edge trim.
raised floor granite
The natural granite flooring thickness can be regulated in 12 or 15 mm and they are directly assembled at our production centres through a thermo-fusion process between the core (steel-cement) and the granite stone.
During the assembling process an acoustic membrane that absorbs the irregularities from the bottom part of the granite stone is used, this way a suspension for a comfortable and stable footstep is created. This element has great acoustic characteristics absorbing noise impacts and footsteps.
raised floor granite 2
Due to the use of these inert materials combination the best fire-rated ranking is obtained, A1 UNE EN-13501. It is a 0% humidity absorption system, easily to clean and to maintain. The lack of stringer perimeter at the tile provides it with a better and unusual aesthetics protecting the colour of the flooring during its useful life time.
raised floor access floor granite 3
There is a wide range of high quality granite coverings coming from different parts of the world, gauged and set-squared, to build this raised technical floor.

The panels of this raised floor system are in-layed into a steel structure the height of which can be regulated to the most suitable ranging.
The structure is made of pedestals and screwed-in stringers providing solidity to the system in the event of lateral movements of even earthquakes.
This method for tile fixation allows for full panel independence.
Ultimate load on panel center (kN)17,00-20,00
Classification EN 128256A31
Distributed load (kN)41,00
Weight per panel (kg)14,50
Weight per sqm (structure included)(kg)44,10
Conductivity EN 1815 (kW)<2 antistatic physiologic
Electrical resistance (EN 1081)(ohms)>10e9
Fire Classification ( EN 13501-1:2002)A1
Inflammability (EN ISO 11925-2:2002)No combustion or ignition is produced
Flame spreading (EN ISO 9239-1:2002)                     ø
The GAMAFLOR structure is made of galvanized steel pedestals with two pieces of 3 mm thickness each screwed one to each other (head and base). They are assembled to an 18 mm metric threaded rod with a double steel nut that can be regulated to secure the system. The Raised Access Floor level is guaranteed after the installation is finished. Panels remain quite screwed to the pedestal head, providing solidity to the system in the event of lateral or vertical movements.
Our system is ready to be used without stringers in heights bellow 450 mm. For heights over 450 mm, it is required the use of galvanized steel perimeters of stringer type FS-585 of 1 mm thickness with an acoustic gomme to absorb noises. Those perimeters will be screwed to the pedestal head achieving a perfect raised access floor level balance in high heights.
The GAMAFLOR FULL STEEL system with high quality factory made coverings will use at any height the stringer and it will remain among the four perimeters. GAMAFLOR structure fire classification is A1_ EN_13501. The different heights of the structure are detailed bellow:
ATH900/VF260 (CUTTING)8501100
ATH900 CUSTOMIZED>1100>1100
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