The Beiside® Aliminum Raised floor

Ideal for areas of the heaviest loading requirement, Huiya’s Aluminum raised floor panels have unique lattice structures that allow for optimum 
weight dispersion and secure the installation of heavy tools inside cleanrooms.
Alumimun Raised floor1



. Excellent loading capacity: 500~3,000 kgf / 2 mm deflection
 (=1,100~6,600 lbf @ 0.08 inch deflection)
. Precisely manufactured to meet dimensional requirements with
 minimum tolerance
. Minimum emission of volatile organic compounds (VOC’s)
. Strict quality control to meet electrostatic conductivity requirements
. Extremely durable and recyclable


•Electronics workshop/Manufacturingplant

•Big computer room / computer serverroom



Static Dissipative

Electrical Resistance

2.5x10Ω to 108

10Ω to 10Ω

Static Resistance

2.5x10Ω to 10Ω

Boiling Water Resistance

5000 to 0 V in<0.2


5000 to 0 V in<0.2


View Aluminum Raised floor panel
View Panels
Manufactured as per dimensional specifications from customers, 
view panels allow visibility and easy access to gauges, piping, and electrical wiring that run under cleanroom floors.

Customized acrylic or polycarbonate inserts allow visibility and easy 
access to under cleanroom floors
Can be customized to meet specific loading requirements

Corner Locking System
Corner Locking System locks the four corners of 
aluminum panels to the pedestal heads underneath withSUS or steel bolts,
and minimizes movements of and gaps between
aluminum panels after installation, especially during the 
tool move-in process.

Epoxy Powder Coating
Aulminum  raised floor panel Epoxy Powder Coating
Epoxy Powder Coating
Epoxy powder coating adds or enhances aluminum panels’ functionalities,
including electrical conductivity, chemical resistance, and abrasion
Edge Trim
PVC trims on the edge of aluminum panel can
prevent slipperiness and delamination or
deformation of PVC tiles.

Edge Trim
Aluminum raised floor pedestal
Available in aluminum, steel, combination, thereof,
Huiya’s custom-designed pedestals have been proven to
meet any axial loading requirements. Moreover, Huiya’s
pedestals provide flexibility in height adjustment 
(typically ±25 mm).

Strengths and Properties
Finished Floor Height (FFH): 160~1,500 mm
 (6.30~59.06 inch)
. Axial Loading Capacity: 4,000~15,000 kgf 
(8,800~33,000 lbf)
. Available in bare aluminum, electrocoating, or epoxy
 powder coating finishes

Seismic Bracings

Huiya’s seismic Seismic Bracings add strength to 
pedestals against lateral forces exerted during tool
movie-in or seismic activity. They are typically installed 
along the inner   perimeters or expansion joint areas
of cleanrooms.
Seismic Bracings 1
aluminum raised floor Reinforcement System
Reinforcement System
Hae Kwang’s reinforcement system increases the loading
capacity of Raised Access Floor Panels installed in areas
 where heavy tools and equipments are relocated or 
. Can be installed without changes in the existing structure
. Convenient and low-cost reinforcements of understructures, compared to the reinforcement by H-Beam or additional posts